¿What is the UDG?

The University of Guadalajara is an institution whose contributions to education, academia, science, technology and extension have given it recognition in Mexico and abroad. Assuming its role as an innovative entity that faces the new challenges of society in a visionary and relevant way, to remain a leading university that prioritizes sustainable economic development, welfare, solidarity, social responsibility, humanistic thinking, Tolerance and inclusion.


The University is made up of 15 campuses that work in a system, thus forming the University Network, located throughout the state of Jalisco, which allows them to take full advantage of and optimize their capabilities for the benefit of education, academia, research and extension.

The academic and research contributions of the University of Guadalajara to higher education in Mexico confirm its prestige as it is the most important state university in the country, with the highest number of elite researchers counting 1,294 scientists within the National System of Researchers, entity that brings together the best academics in the nation.


The University occupies the first place slot in the country among the public universities with the most awards excellence, maximum recognition to which a graduate aspires after undergoing a national evaluation. Since 2011, a total of 1,214 university students have received this distinction.