University Network of Guadalajara, Los Angeles

University of Guadalajara Foundation USA

It is the most visionary project and the backbone of the work of the University of Guadalajara abroad because it will expand the educational services of the university campuses that make up the University Network based on a relevant and quality internationalization model, initially adapting the academic offer to the needs and requirements of the Hispanic population of Los Angeles and subsequently to that of Chicago.

The innovative and flexible design of this system allows it to function in an environment of international solidarity, inclusion, multiculturalism, competitiveness and sustainability that will contribute to the prosperity of the region, promoting productivity and full social integration in response to the new paradigms of migration and development.

The project promotes the establishment of bridges of international collaboration between Mexico and the United States in the academic, business, scientific-technological, entrepreneurship and cultural fields to boost competitiveness, productivity and mobility with an intense collaboration with organizations in the public, private and social sector.

The significance of this project is that it impacts the 5.7 million Latinos living in Los Angeles, of which 4.6 million are of Mexican origin, according to figures from the Pew Research Center.