Los Angeles International Spanish Book Fair , LeáLA

With a renewed impulse, LéaLA returns, the most ambitious program for the dissemination and promotion of books and reading in Spanish in the United States, under a Literary Festival format that continues its mission of reaffirming pride in language in an innovative way.

The Literary Festival has convened the participation of leading Ibero American writers and creators who, through dialogues about literature, journalism, graphic humor, cinema, poetry readings, as well as children's workshops, will build a forum open to ideas and reflection, as well as maintaining the feeling of Mexican identity alive and promoting Latin culture.

LéaLA is a space designed to convene communities united by the Spanish language, Ibero-American culture and reading and has aroused the interest of Americans in learning

Spanish and getting to know Mexican culture through books and academic meetings that address the new challenges facing the Spanish language today.

The Latin community’s interest in books in Spanish has been demonstrated in the past by the four editions held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which was attended by 275 thousand people.

The presentations of books and workshops with writers in LéaLA are a tool to stimulate the critical thinking and the capacity of discernment that comes from reading that forms a better citizenry.

In addition to this, the training of new public readers is strengthened, with emphasis on children and young people, through the “Letra para Volar” program, a collaborative initiative between The Fielding Graduate University and the University of Guadalajara, which seeks to transcend the knowledge generated in the classroom and directly impact the community in the formation of a public capable of critical thinking and leadership.