Cátedra Latinoamericana “Julio Cortázar” en

In 1993, writers Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel García Márquez presented an initiative to the University of Guadalajara to found a Cátedra that paid permanent tribute to the memory of their friend, the Argentine writer Julio Cortázar.

The Cátedra Latinoamericana ‘Julio Cortázar’ was born with the purpose of becoming a space for criticism and reflection of Latin American society and culture on the global stage.

Academic activities began in 1994 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Over the years, the breadth of its offering has extended from the field of social sciences to other areas of human knowledge, such as astrophysics, mathematics and biology. Also, since 2008, it has expanded its academic and cultural activities to the city of Los Angeles, California, through the UDG Foundation USA.