About of Foundation

Foundation UDG

The University of Guadalajara Foundation USA is an academic and cultural project of the University of Guadalajara in the United States that promotes the comprehensive training of the Mexican community and the development of its maximum potential in a multicultural environment.

UDG Foundatión USA operates mainly in the cities of Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois. It is a non-profit organization that takes advantage of the academic, scientific and administrative staff infrastructure of the Centers that make up the University Network of the University of Guadalajara to promote its extracurricular and online academic programs in the United States of America through the Virtual University System. This system offers a variety of courses as well as High School, Bachelor and Graduate programs.

The organization also promotes continuing education through courses, workshops, conferences, forums and seminars on subjects such as: health, history, art, literature, migration, culture and Mexican traditions. These are taught in educational institutions and organizations of the public, private and social sector in the United States with which UDG Foundation USA has partnerships.

Projects like the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles, FICG in LA and the LéaLA Spanish Book Fair, the “Julio Cortázar” Latin American Cátedra and the Spanish and Mexican Culture Program promote Mexican and Iberoamerican talent in the United States as well as promote the practice of the Spanish language and strengthen the Mexican and Latin identity.

To fulfill its mission UDG Foundation USA develops its projects on four lines of action: teaching and learning, research and graduate studies, extension and dissemination and internationalization. Its implementation will enable the organization to achieve its objectives and satisfy the professional training requirements of the Mexican American community, in addition to promoting culture and the arts.

The Foundation is in charge of administering the Pyrrha Gladys Grodman Educational Trust.

The Grodman Trust supports primarily Jalisco’s artistic talent and also helps Mexican and Mexican American university students complete their academic training through the granting of scholarships.