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 -EN- CIÓN PRESENTATION The University of Guadalajara is an institution that con- tributes to education, academics, science, technology, and expansion; these attributes have granted the Uni- versity recognition in Mexico and abroad. Positioning itself as an innovative entity that takes on new societal challenges with vision and relevance it has maintained the forefront as a university that prioritizes values such as sustainable economic development, welfare, sol- idarity, social responsibility, humanist thinking, toler- ance, and inclusion. The University is composed of 15 campuses locat- ed in all regions of the state of Jalisco, comprising the University Network system. This network allows for the optimization of the University’s capacities for the ben- efit of education, academics, research, and promotion. The University of Guadalajara’s academic and research contributions to higher education in Mex- ico confirm its prestige of being the most import- ant state university in the country, with one of the highest number of elite researchers, demonstrated through the 1,294 scientists integrating the Nation- al System of Researchers, an entity that brings to- gether the best academics in the nation. The University ranks first in the country among public universities for the most awards for aca- demic excellence, one of the highest recognitions a graduate student can receive after undergoing a national evaluation. Since 2011, a total of 1,214 University of Guadalajara students have received this distinction. 03 University of Guadalajara 

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