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 29 UDG Foundation USA, a brand with value The success of large corporations lies in its allianc- es with other companies and institutions, both public and private, to drive causes in favor of a better society; brands that support education and promote culture en- joy great acceptance among their audiences for show- ing social commitment. The companies, in turn, obtain benefits as consumers endorse their loyalty by acquir- ing their products or contracting their services for being brands committed to altruistic projects. UDG Foundation USA is a leading organization in cementing alliances that have allowed it, not only to fulfill its mission of promoting Mexican education and culture in the United States, but it has also developed effective communication strategies, which to its strate- gic allies, have generated economic benefits and brand positioning when identified as institutions or compa- nies with social commitment. The challenges of the market and new consumer trends for the consumption of products of cultural in- dustries, have turned the UDG Foundation USA into the alternative that supports actions for change that ven- ture to transform the lives of our fellow nationals in the United States and their communities of Mexican origin, through the strengthening of Mexican identity, the fos- tering of education and the promotion of culture.      

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