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25     To help Dr. Grodman’s dreams transcend her existence, the Trust which bears her name, promotes the educa- tion of Jalisco’s artists, graduates, and students of the University of Guadalajara, and Mexican-Americans re- siding in the U.S. through scholarships and other pro- grams. Thanks to the Grodman Legacy scholarships, students and graduates of the visual, performing and audiovisual arts of the University of Guadalajara have obtained their university degree by developing artistic projects, such as art pieces, stage performances or films, that have been exhibited in the Cultural venues of the University. The Legacy has extended its support to underprivi- leged university students who have achieved outstand- ing academic performance to complete their higher education studies. Through the scholarship programs, students from all of the University Centers campuses have been supported in academic stays abroad. To keep the Spanish language and culture alive within the Mexican-American community in the United States, scholarships have been granted to students of Mexican descent to allow them to participate in linguis- tic and cultural immersion stays in Guadalajara. With a new range of opportunities for the benefit of university students and new artistic talents, the Grod- man Legacy materializes the dreams of a woman, who despite being from a foreign country, learned how to appreciate and value Jalisco’s culture and identity, leav- ing a legacy to perpetuate it.   

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