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COA- 23      - The University of Guadalajara is distinguished by its values, and as recognition of its work with youth in Jalisco, it has been entrusted with the administration of the Dr. Pyrrha Gladys Grodman Educational Trust. This economic fund is administered by the UDG Foun- dation USA, whose mission is to promote the formation of Jalisco’s artistic talent, strengthen national identity, and promote Mexican culture and traditions. The Trust was created with a donation made by Dr. Pyrrha Gladys Grodman, an altruistic woman con- vinced that art and education positively transform lives and helps generate benefits in personal, professional and community development. Gladys Grodman grew up in an orphanage in New Orleans, where education helped forge her dreams of being a coroner, painter, and poet. Her mastery of sev- eral languages and her sensitivity to community work led her to become involved with minorities, including the Mexicans communities, who worked in the fields of California. In search of a better environmental climate that would help maintain her health, Gladys Grodman set- tled temporarily in Guadalajara, where she was intro- duced to the art and culture of Jalisco and fell in love with its originality through the local artistic potential and sponsoring local talent to complete their university education. In her will, she established that her legacy be donat- ed to an institution of Jalisco that, due to its academic strength and social commitment, can guarantee that the resources are used to promote art and education, as well as promote Jalisco’s culture internationally. It is a great distinction and responsibility that fell to the University of Guadalajara.      Pyrrha Gladys Grodman U V 

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