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 17     Extensión y difusión Promotion and Expansion Los Angeles Spanish Book Fair, LéaLA.  With a renewed impulse, LéaLA returns, with one of the most ambitious programs for the expansion and advancement of the Spanish language through the pro- motion of literacy and books in the United States. Pre- sented in a Literary Festival format, LéaLA continues its mission of reaffirming pride in the language in an innovative way. The Literary Festival has convened the participa- tion of leading Latin American writers and creators who, through dialogues about literature, journalism, visual humor, cinema, poetry readings, as well as chil- dren’s workshops, build a forum open to ideas and re- flection, as well as promote Latin culture and maintain the Mexican identity alive. LéaLA is a space designed to invite the communi- ties united by Spanish, Ibero-American culture and lit- erature to inspire the interest of non-Spanish speaking Americans in learning the language and of the Mexican culture through books and academic meetings that address the new challenges facing the Spanish lan- guage. The interest of the Latino community for books in Spanish has been demonstrated in the four pre- vious editions held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, attended by 275 thousand people. The Literary Festival has awakened a great in- terest in the Angelino community that attended to participate in workshops, discussion forums and to purchase books from the Carlos Fuentes Bookstore of the University of Guadalajara, known for offering the best titles from the publishing industry.  

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